Natural hazards and beyond

The recent increase of natural disasters' frequency and severity has stimulated a great awareness on behalf of both the general public and local governments, in environmental information management systems that will be able to collect, process, visualize and interpret geospatial data and value-added application workflows in order to support decision making in case of emergency. In order to increase awareness and preparedness against natural hazards, large scale, open, scalable and distributed service platforms are needed to support information dissemination, early assessment, planning, and in general whatever it takes to minimize the effects of a natural disaster and increase preparedness.


Optum is specialized in the development of core computational services for environmental simulation and operational planning. These modules can be integrated virtually in any environment ranging from specialized stand-alone systems, to global web mapping platforms aiming to support not only the general public but also governments and local authorities, probably with different services for each case.


Geospatial data, real time and historical environmental measurements, wireless sensor networks, traffic information, vehicle tracking info, real time population distribution data, and value added services, can all be integrated with Optum software for environmental simulation and operational logistics to support decision makers in advance planning as well as in operational situation management in cases such as


  • Forest fires, floods, landslides and other natural hazards
  • Industrial technological accidents
  • Civil areas and public transportation hazards
  • Oil spills
  • Other operational situations, including human-triggered events


Such integrated systems may provide a strong competitive advantage in a global market that will become huge in the years to come, due to the climate change and the changes to life as we know it.


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Environmental simulation, operational logistics and applications