Technology Innovation

In all of its domains of expertise, Optum provides management services to support Technology Innovation. Ranging from drafting current technology trends and state-of-the-art, to creating and implementing a full business plan, Optum is your knowledgeable partner in innovation.


Crisis Management Systems

Integrated crisis management systems are comprised of many elements such as Measurement Acquisition Systems, Operational Logistics, Simulation, Knowledge Management and more. Optum is a custom-made solution developer of any kind of element of Integrated Crisis Management Systems. Either as technology licensor or as strategic partner, Optum can provide the missing added-value in developing and operating Integrated Crisis Management Systems with respect to legacy infrastructures of any type, and local operational regulations and ethics.


Software Development

We provide software modules for all of our knowledge-intensive solutions such as Operational Logistics, Optimization, Knowledge Management, Measurement Management and more. Based on standards and open technologies, Optum's software modules operate either as background services with xml interfaces that can be easily integrated in any environment, as stand-alone applications, as well as integrated multi-tier solutions.


Location-aware applications

Concise with Crisis Management, is "location-awareness". Location-aware applications can be part of Integrated Crisis Management Systems either as basic location-based services, or as dynamic context-sensitive services using advanced techniques such as real-time track recognition and dynamic spatial data flows. In either case, Optum provides services for location-aware application development for all kinds of location-aware applications from handheld device applications to integrated, multi-tier, value-added services.


Wireless Sensor Networks

Optum and its affiliates have been involved since 2003 in real world sensor networks design and deployment, and has acquired experience and know-how in such networks, ranging from basic star-topologies to high-spatial-density, self-organizing mesh topology WSNs. Putting together our knowledge on spatial and measurement database standards along with software and service architectures, Optum is a key partner in implementing any kind of sensor network for environmental and security monitoring.





Technology Innovation

Optum combines technology expertise and strategy capabilities to provide advanced technology strategy services, ranging from developing a roadmap to an integrated long-term strategy in the areas of IT, optimization and integrated crisis management, optimizing the RoI of existing infrastructures. By putting together cross-disciplinary, high-end knowledge, Optum may offer its clients the insight as well as the roadmap to achieving excellence in future technology trends and opportunities.


Operational Logistics and Optimization

Optum develops its own solutions in virtually any kind of optimization problem by using advanced algorithms and meta-heuristic techniques. In this context we can approach any combinatorial optimization problem such as those known as "operational optimization" or "operational logistics" by optimizing any custom cost function and satisfying complex sets of operational constraints.


Integrated Decision Support Systems

By combining quantitative measures such as optimization-related cost functions, rules, constraints, economics, spatial design and assessment techniques, and qualitative requirements, Optum provides a fully customized set of comprehensive Decision Support tools. Policy makers in governments, large organizations and local authorities can benefit by getting concise and useful information to support policy decisions under specific conditions.


Sensing and Measurement

Optum has been involved in early research in the area of large scale sensing and measurement solutions. Ranging from basic star-topology sensor networks to high-spatial-density, self-organizing mesh topology WSNs, Optum has hands-on experience and know-how in real world measuring solutions. Measurement database standards, integrated IT solutions involving performance, security and availability, along with logistics and solutions for optimal and traceable sensor positioning, are some of our capacities in this area.


Information Systems

Putting all the above together, Optum possesses all the capacities required to support the deployment of integrated information systems, involving Business Intelligence, Data & Content Management, IT Architectures, along with Heterogeneous Data and Service Platforms, to support its clients in building solid operational environments using state-of-the art technologies.


Environmental simulation, operational logistics and applications