The OptumSense Wild Fire Detection System


OptumSense is an autonomous and reliable integrated WSN system for forest fire detection in close-to-real time. It is comprised by the OptumSense sensors and OptumGate gateways. The OptumSense sensor is an environmental-friendly wireless sensor designed to cover large areas; Sensor messages are transmitted through OptumGate gateways to central locations such as operation centres for forest fire crisis management, through multiple network interfaces.

The OptumSense Sensor is an environmental-friendly wireless sensor device, appropriate for detecting forest fire incidents as soon as possible. Designed to cover large areas, sensors are placed in the canopy of trees, at a density of 20-50 meters depending on the topography and performance requirements. Sensors remain camouflaged in the tree canopy for their entire lifetime. In the event of a fire, an alarm signal is transmitted to all the gateways in range before the alarming sensor gets destroyed by the fire. Suited for large-scale, high-density and cost effective deployments, the OptumSense wireless sensors are a viable solution for wild fire detection in areas where supervision with other means is not an option.

The OptumSense Gate is a wireless gateway to complement OptumSense Wireless Sensor Networks for forest fire detection. Gate is responsible for transmitting sensor alarms to central locations such as operation centres for wild fire crisis management. OptumGate supports WAN connections through multiple interfaces, including GSM data, GPRS, 3G, and Wi-Fi. Designed to be reliable, Gate devices may be placed in forest as far as 600 m and as close as 300 m to each other, providing redundant and dependable communications between an OptumSense network and the operations centre.



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